Wep Cracking With Ubuntu Aircrack-ng Tutorial

Posted on August 22, 2009 by 10 comments

Crack WEP easily following this tutorial.
This tutorial was made to prove that it is extremely easy to crack WEP.

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10 Responses to “Wep Cracking With Ubuntu Aircrack-ng Tutorial”

  1. nowymercedes Aug 22, 2009 #

    one more unreadable video – write down the commands clearly!.

  2. shibby22 Aug 22, 2009 #

    If you had basic eye vision you would see the BIG RED BOX from 0:00 to 0:12 that says CLICK THE LINK UNDER MORE INFO FOR HIGH QUALITY VERSION.People like should be shot when they are born.

  3. nowymercedes Aug 22, 2009 #

    shibby22 – you must be mentally instabil if you want to shot me for not having seen your message…men cool down or seek help right now!

  4. Dealermann Aug 22, 2009 #

    worst tutorial I ever seen. cant see chit.. no one explaining anything…just terrible dude. stop wasting peoples time.and yours…

  5. shibby22 Aug 22, 2009 #

    Dear sir,With all due respect, if you had read the title and information, you would see a link to a high quality version. Also, it clearly says YouTube screwed up the narration, so I had to cover it with crappy music that YouTube had to offer. Please, if you can’t read some simple text under more info, again, please don’t try WEP hacking. I think with your amount of intelligence, you will most likely screw up your WiFi adapter. People like you should still be using Windows 3.11.

  6. shibby22 Aug 22, 2009 #

    read post above.

  7. UrbanTube89 Aug 22, 2009 #

    Hi, I have this msg in the end “Faile, Try 5000 ivs” why?P

  8. shibby22 Aug 22, 2009 #

    Not enough IV’s… wait for more to collect.. 128bit wep requires about 100k

  9. UrbanTube89 Aug 22, 2009 #

    Thanks dude! ;) Problem solve..

  10. shibby22 Aug 22, 2009 #

    I think it was Ubuntu’s default theme, with emeralds default, and compiz… I set the opacity in terminal to like 10%

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