Turn Your Laptop Into A Personal Wi-fi Hotspot With Intel(r) My Wifi Technology

Posted on August 8, 2009 by 10 comments

Intel® My WiFi Technology creates a Wi-Fi hotspot around your laptop that lets you print, share, sync and show wirelessly at home or on the go. With your own Wi-Fi Personal Area Network, you can connect Wi-Fi enabled devices (printers, digital cameras, personal media players, and speakers) directly to the laptop without cables or a wireless access point. And as you wirelessly move your digital content between your laptop and devices, your laptop can simultaneously be connected to the Internet via your home or any Wi-Fi network. Intel® My WiFi Technology is built into laptops with Intel® WiFi Link 1000, Intel® WiFi Link 5100 or Intel® Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300 adapters. No extra hardware required! Its available now on Microsoft Windows Vista and will be available for Microsoft Windows 7.

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10 Responses to “Turn Your Laptop Into A Personal Wi-fi Hotspot With Intel(r) My Wifi Technology”

  1. calum769 Aug 09, 2009 #

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  2. calum769 Aug 09, 2009 #

    haha don’t make me lol i’m off to do english languge at uni in september and i’m entitled to criticise the fact that often people pronounce words like noobs :) Oh and by the way your response had very little value, “slang and attitude” yer ok, ha, just a plain observation mixed with a bit of anger over people pretty much like you.

  3. calum769 Aug 09, 2009 #

    hate people who say sime-ul-taneous it is clearly pronounce sim-ul-taneous fuckin ARRRGGHHH!!! So-ny not son-y……. i could go on lol

  4. runeinator Aug 09, 2009 #

    Pok-her not Poker! OMFG

  5. TOMUGUENRISU Aug 09, 2009 #

    Whats your problem? You use aggressive onomatopoeia and you cant spell profanity without slang and attitude. If you dont have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. We can do it back, give some respect and ignore it.

  6. budphatom7 Aug 09, 2009 #

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  7. Userade Aug 09, 2009 #

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  8. ravishethwala Aug 09, 2009 #

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  9. TeslaMartin Aug 09, 2009 #

    This is not Ad-Hoc. With Ad-Hoc you cannot have a simultaneous wireless connection to the internet. This is something new and different – very cool!

  10. fvmoreno Aug 09, 2009 #

    wow…that was painful. Come on now Intel…back to basics. A couple of dry runs would have helped the delivery of this message. You don’t need polished experts talking…just real techies sharing info openly (real conversation). It would insult less people.

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