How Do I Use Easy Wifi Radar?

Posted on September 7, 2009 by 5 comments

When I open the program it automaticly scans as usual but it says this:
No WI FI hardware found. Please reconnect your wireless adapter and try again.
the thing is…i have a laptop with built in WI FI ,please help!

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5 Responses to “How Do I Use Easy Wifi Radar?”

  1. Jay Sep 07, 2009 #

    It could be a a number of things causing this a few are you might have your wireless adapter turned off. On a majority of laptops you can turn this adapter off by a switch on the front or sad of the computer or using an F Key. You could also have the network adapter turned off via network connections go in there and see if it is disable and then enable it. Then you will be able to view wireless network connections. Good Luck!

  2. Peter K Sep 07, 2009 #

    Is the WiFi switched on? The WiFi may have a button you need to press because you’ll want to save power if you are not using the WiFi.

  3. newton30 Sep 07, 2009 #

    the WIFI may not be enabled , your laptop may have a button you need to press to get the wifi on…

  4. peter Nov 17, 2009 #

    i read somewhere that its not compatible with vista. this makes me sad cuz i just found it myself

  5. ronzel Sep 10, 2011 #

    I cannot open my easy wifi radar after I instaall it,how can i fix it?

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